Bulldog Safety Services

Leading the way to a safer workplace!

Established in 2002, Lamar T Hutchinson, Founder of Bulldog Safety Services LLC set his sights on assisting the smaller contractor companies.

Our Belief!

All accidents can be avoided as long as companies and employees are given the proper resources, tools and education to achieve this goal. Small companies care just as much for their employees as the larger companies, but often lack the resources to have a dedicated safety team. At the same time, most employees do not want to get hurt, damage property, pollute the environment, but often lack the proper training or experience to simply understand the hazards.

We realize that the vast majority of these companies still want to protect their workers, their assets, the environment, and remain compliant with the regulatory agencies as well as their customers. Bulldog Safety Services can provide customized solutions

Our Pledge!

We pledge to provide our clients with an exceptional service through experience, professionalism, dedication, customization, and reliability.

Our Commitment!

Protecting you and your employees

With over two decades of industry experience, Bulldog Safety Services can provide;

  • Customized training from a 50 + course selection
  • Program development and implementation specific to your company requirements
  • Auditing services (both on-site and desk top)
  • Accident investigations and root cause analysis
  • Claims management
  • Consulting services
  • Contact Q&A person ....... and more

Small enough to give the one-on-one approach your company requires, experienced enough to know what the regulators and major companies want, and dedicated enough to meet the needs of almost any workplace

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